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Dry Blend: Spice Blend Trio

Dry Blend: Spice Blend Trio

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Our Sumac , Za'atar & Spicy Za'atar dry blends!



Our authentic Middle Eastern wild thyme blend from Lebanon, made with dried wild thyme leaves, sumac, sesame seeds, and salt! 

How to Use

Za’atar is one of the most versatile condiments and spices. It is a multi- purpose blend that is both tangy and savory, with an after bite kick.

It is perfect:
• spread on your favorite pita bread, naan bread, or pizza dough
• as a dip and to add to dips; including hummus, baba gannouj, and labneh yogurt
• to sprinkle on chickpeas, popcorn, feta cheese, eggs, and avacado toast
• added to roasted and sautéed vegetables
• as a rub for chicken, lamb chops, and other meats
mixed in salad dressings and more



Why we love it

• Gluten Free
• Keto diet
Paleo diet friendly
Packed with thymol (an essential oil)
Abundent in caravacrol (a phenol)
Fights oxidative stress
Reduces blood pressure
Lowers cholesterol
Source of protein & iron
Superfood ingredients
Full of flavonoids
Highly rated for antioxidants (antioxidant powerhouse)
• Hand made 
• Small batch 
Women Owned Business

Allergy info: contains sesame seeds



Sumac comes from wild berries indigenous to the Middle East and Mediterranean.  It’s earthy texture and tangy lemon flavor make it a perfect alternate to lemon and salt (it’s less acidic).

It is used in Za’atar wild thyme blends, to make the famous Fattoush salad, on hummus and baba ghanouj, as vegetable seasoning, including eggplant and cauliflower, with pita chips, lamb, eggs, chicken, fish, with lemonade and more.

The Romans even used sumac as a souring agent before using lemon.

Why we love it

Gluten Free
Highest Antioxidant spice (66 times more than blueberries)
Anti-proliferative in cancer lab research
Lower LDL cholesterol in clinical trials

Allergy info: please note that sumac is from the same family as cashews and same tree family as mangos.