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Best Seller: Za’atar Spread DUO


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It's the DUO pack, 1 Za'atar and 1 Spicy Za'atar condiment. 

Our Lebanese  Za’atar mix of dried wild thyme (hyssop/origanum syriacum), sumac, sesame seeds, and salt blended perfectly with cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil and our Lebanese Spicy Za'atar mix blended with cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


How to Use

Za’atar is one of the most versatile condiments and spices. It is a multi- purpose blend that is both tangy and savory, with an after bite kick.

It is perfect:
• spread on your favorite pita bread, naan bread, or pizza dough
• as a dip and to add to dips; including hummus, baba gannouj, and labneh yogurt
• to sprinkle on chickpeas, popcorn, feta cheese, eggs, and avocado toast
• added to roasted and sautéed vegetables
• as a rub for chicken, lamb chops, and other meats
mixed in salad dressings and more



Why we love it

• Gluten Free
• Keto diet
Paleo diet friendly
Superfood ingredients
• Hand made 
• Small batch 
Women Owned Business
No artificial preservatives, additives, emulsifiers or colorings


Allergy info: Contains sesame seeds. Packed in a facility that also packages eggs, milk, wheat, tree nuts, gluten and sesame seeds.

 Contents settle naturally, stir well with each use. Do not refrigerate.

High quality Italian glass jars- great for refilling with our bulk Za’atar bag or repurposing.



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