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Earthy, Herbal, Tangy + Savory.

I grew up spending my summers in my parents' village of Abrine, Lebanon. For breakfast I would enjoy Za’atar mnaeesh (flatbreads), hot out of the oven or off the sajj dome! My parents would bring Za’atar back to Ohio to share with family and friends who could not travel to Lebanon.

Our Za’atar blend features a variety of wild thyme native to the Levantine and Middle Eastern regions, specifically sourced from our home country of Lebanon, so that you can enjoy the same familiar and  delicious flavors that I grew up on.  

I will continue to expand my line of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern inspired products, so visit us often! 

Thank you for supporting small businesses like mine!

Tina Chamoun

Terranean Herbs & Spices


Every item in the family pack is amazing. The za’atar is authentic and traditional. My favorite is the spicy za’atar spread, delicious on labne! I add the za’atar to my salad dressing, marinades, labne dips, just about anything!


This is a must have condiment. I add dry zaatar to everything - especially salads for a little extra flavor. The blend is very authentic and tastes exactly like the zaatar my parents bring back from lebanon. Love love love!


The best zaatar I have ever been able to buy in the states. I wouldn’t even bother with other zaatar brands. Authentic, earthy, well-balanced flavor with just enough kick in the spicy version. I love sprinkling it on salads and bagels, and mixing it with some good olive oil for a delish pita dip. Also lasts forever!!


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