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About Terranean Herbs

As a Lebanese-American, I grew up enjoying authentic Lebanese za’atar when I visited my parents’ village every summer. I looked forward to the earthy, herbal, savory and uniquely delicious flavor of freshly baked za’atar manoushe (flatbread) every morning. 

Like many other Middle Easterners, my family and I would fill our suitcases with za’atar every trip back home, for ourselves and for friends who couldn’t make it abroad that year. Our clothing would smell like za’atar for weeks! I started my business to make this same premium quality za'atar available in American markets.


No Fillers. No Substitute Ingredients. No Preservatives!

We're often asked, "What is Authentic?" Our answer is simple: Authenticity is a reflection of your unique perspective, shaped by your personal experiences. As a Lebanese American with deep roots in Lebanon and a long history of annual visits, I have come to cherish a particular truth - the authenticity of our za'atar. It's the very blend we would carefully pack in our suitcases during our trips, and the exact flavor I lovingly prepare for my own family, including our three kids, and for our guests. It's this genuine connection to the roots of this aromatic spice that I want to share with you, offering an unforgettable taste of Lebanon's rich heritage.


Proudly WBENC Certified Women-Owned!

Our commitment to this mission goes beyond providing delicious za'atar to American consumers. We recognize that our success has the power to transform lives. By sourcing our za'atar from harvesters and growers in Lebanon, we support their livelihoods, preserving a tradition that has been passed down for generations. Additionally, we provide meaningful employment opportunities to our Lebanese and Syrian immigrant team in Cleveland, helping them establish a sense of home in a new land through the familiarity of za'atar.


Our za'atar blend contains za'atar, sumac, sesame seeds, and a little salt to bring it all together.

Za'atar is packed with thymol (an essential oil), abundant in caravacrol (a phenol), rich in flavonoid, polyphenols, and thymol- all of which have anti-inflammatory properties. It is a good source of vitamins C (works as an antioxidant) & K and mineral iron.  

Sesame seeds can fight oxidative stress, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and are source of protein and iron (Berkeley Wellness "Sesame: Little Seeds, Big Benefits")

Sumac is a superfood, full of flavonoids and an antioxidant powerhouse!

As passionate advocates for za'atar, we are committed to educating consumers about its rich history and versatile uses. We see it as not just a staple in the Middle Eastern pantry but also a bridge to our shared heritage. By sharing the story of za'atar, we hope to foster a deeper appreciation for the culinary diversity that enriches American culture.

With each jar of za'atar, we are not only adding flavor to dishes but also weaving a thread that connects our past to our present and future. Join us in our journey to make za'atar a household name in America, enriching lives, preserving traditions, and celebrating the beauty of cultural diversity.