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Hummus and Za'atar Pita Chips

Hummus and Pita Chips topped with tangy, herby Zaatar using my new favorite Zaatar from @terraneanherbs. 🙌🏼🌿 This Hummus goes perfectly with so many things — pita chips, warm pita bread, my kabob recipes, chicken or beef BBQ, or as a light snack with some carrots! This recipe is every hummus lovers dream: it’s creamy, lemony, and garlicky. You can see a video recipe in my highlights under “hummus” and just omit the red pepper paste shown in that video if you prefer a classic Hummus. Enjoy this #vegan recipe ⬇️⬇️ #spicednice⁣⁣
🤍2 16 Oz. cans of Chickpeas ⁣⁣
🤍1 tsp baking soda ⁣
🤍1 tbsp tahini⁣ ⁣(or to taste)⁣
🤍2 tbsp olive oil ⁣⁣
🤍salt to taste ⁣⁣
🤍1 tsp cumin ⁣⁣
🤍5-7 tbsp ice cold water (depending on preferred thickness.)⁣⁣
🤍6 garlic cloves ⁣⁣
🤍Juice of 1.5 lemons (or to taste) ⁣⁣
🤍@terraneanherbs zaatar or spicy Zaatar ⁣
🤍pita bread, cut into chips ⁣
**There are no correct measurements for hummus. Some people prefer Hummus to be very lemony and some prefer a lot of Tahini. Feel free to adjust tahini, lemon, and garlic to taste. These are just my preferences.**⁣⁣
1. Boil the chickpeas in water with 1 tsp of baking soda for about 20 minutes or until very soft and tender. Strain the chickpeas and wash under cold water. In a food processor, combine the garlic, lemon, and salt until the garlic has pulsed into a fine paste. Add the tahini into the food processor and while it’s still blending, slowly add in the ice cold water. ⁣⁣
2. Once the tahini is fully blended in, add the chickpeas into the food processor and slowly start to drizzle in the oil as the hummus is blending. Add in the cumin and pulse together until a creamy Hummus has formed. Plate and top with a generous drizzle of olive oil and @terraneanherbs Zaatar or spicy Zaatar mix.⁣
3. For the Zaatar chips, cut the pita bread into square chips and drizzle with olive oil and a generous dash of @terraneanherbs Zaatar. Place on a baking sheet and bake for about 10-13 mins at 400°F. Enjoy the Hummus with these crunchy Zaatar pita chips or with any of my Kabab or Chicken Recipes! 💕