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Za'atar Feta Pinwheels

🍴Zaatar feta pinwheels 🍴 if there is anything you should make this weekend, make it these pinwheels. Cheat and use pillsbury pizza dough. Slather zaatar and feta, roll and put them in the oven. We used @terraneanherbs zaatar and loved it 🥰

For those just joining our page, hi and welcome. I feel funny reintroducing myself but a lot of you are new and don’t know Deana and I. Welcome and thank you for joining our little community of modern middle eastern food. We got into the food space bc I first manufactured middle eastern products and sold nationwide in mainstream markets. A lot of you don’t know but my Muhammara won a Sofi award at the #fancyfoodshow which is a huge deal in the food world. I have since paused mass production on the products, and we’ve moved on to photographing, recipe developing and content creating modern middle eastern food.
We don’t have culinary backgrounds ( although if you see some of Deana’s custom cakes you would think she trained at a top pastry school) we don’t cater, we don’t even refer to ourselves as chefs or experts really. In fact what we claim is the opposite. We know good taste and good flavors, we love good easy recipes and if we can do it so can you. I personally was always so intimidated by cooking especially middle eastern food which always seemed so complicated to me. A lot of the recipes we create or ask our moms to teach us are so simple I can’t believe I was ever intimidated! That’s why I tend to use the words “this is so easy” a lot! We both completely love food and love the artistic aspect of creating food and we hope to show you that it is not that hard and inspire you to cook, more ☺️☺️